Setting up a co-parenting plan during the holidays

As if the divorce and separation process isn't complicated enough, the next challenge you'll be faced with is developing a co-parenting plan. During the school year, it may be a bit easier to co-parent because your child is busy with school work and friends. But what happens when the holdings come around? With more free time on their hands, kids tend to spend it by focusing on their environment and the relationship between you and your former spouse.

Legal Matters Handled by Family Lawyers

Matters that rely heavily on emotions can be quite difficult to deal with. In fact, issues that you may regard small and solvable may flare out of control, and you may unexpectedly find yourself before a judge. Before this happens, it is best to seek legal help and advice from credible family law professionals. Reputable family lawyers are well-trained, knowledgeable and experienced to offer you advice on any family law related matter.

How to Contest a Will If You Suspect Something Fishy

As you may expect, emotions will always run high following the death of a loved one. Family members and friends will all come together to mourn the passing, of course, but they will also be focused to a certain extent on the estate of the deceased. Sometimes, when the will is first read, the unexpected may happen. The individual may have left out someone who may have expected to be a beneficiary, or have given much of their estate to an unexpected third party.

What's Involved In Administering The Estate Of A Deceased Relative?

When a relative dies and you are left with the job of sorting out their estate and financial affairs (probate), it can be an emotional and complicated process.  Although you can complete much of this process yourself, it's still a good idea to consult an experienced family or probate solicitor, especially if the estate is a valuable one. Here's a brief guide to what you'll need to know about sorting out your deceased relative's affairs.

What to Do When You and Your Ex Can't Agree on Your Child's School

Making parenting decisions together can be one of the most difficult aspects of being separated from your ex-partner, especially if your relationship is less than amicable. The little choices are hard enough, but things can become very stressful when you're arguing over something as important as which school your child will attend. Whatever the reason behind it, this dispute can hinder the school application process greatly. The law depends on the state you live in, but there's a chance that if you both have parental responsibility for your child, you'll both have to sign their school enrolment form.