What's Involved In Administering The Estate Of A Deceased Relative?

When a relative dies and you are left with the job of sorting out their estate and financial affairs (probate), it can be an emotional and complicated process.  Although you can complete much of this process yourself, it's still a good idea to consult an experienced family or probate solicitor, especially if the estate is a valuable one. Here's a brief guide to what you'll need to know about sorting out your deceased relative's affairs.

What to Do When You and Your Ex Can't Agree on Your Child's School

Making parenting decisions together can be one of the most difficult aspects of being separated from your ex-partner, especially if your relationship is less than amicable. The little choices are hard enough, but things can become very stressful when you're arguing over something as important as which school your child will attend. Whatever the reason behind it, this dispute can hinder the school application process greatly. The law depends on the state you live in, but there's a chance that if you both have parental responsibility for your child, you'll both have to sign their school enrolment form.

Should Your Divorce Be Handled by a Family Lawyer?

Divorcing is rarely easy on any couple; even a so-called friendly divorce can often dissolve into bitter fights about minor issues, and this can make the entire process more stressful than necessary. While it's good for couples to always think of hiring a family law attorney when divorcing to avoid this added stress, there are times when it's especially recommended, in order to protect your rights and ensure your divorce is fair for both of you.